Telephone Surveys

I.C. International’s state-of-the-art call centers are equipped to handle both outbound and inbound projects for studies of any size. Our facility features a 50-station Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing system (Web-CATI & CATI) center on Long Island, NY. Our center utilizes leading-edge predictive dialing technology, when appropriate, to increase the efficiency and productivity of our professional callers, while reducing the time and costs required to complete your study.

Consider the difference between IC and other firms:

  • I.C. International charges only for completed interviews, rather than billing you for hours and/or attempts regardless of results.
  • We provide daily progress reports to keep you fully apprised of the status of your study. If a problem or anomaly crops up, we will report it to you instantly; before it can jeopardize your project .
  • While other companies validate only 10 percent of their calls, we validate 15 percent of all calls made for your studies. Implementing tighter controls than other data collection companies enables I.C. International to increase the accuracy of your study results.

And our team is second to none:

  • The skill and professionalism of our interviewers is a key benefit of entrusting your telephone surveys to I.C. International. All of our interviewers have undergone Marketing Research Association (MRA) accepted training, and all receive a thorough project brief before every study. Drawing from our talent pool of professional interviewers, we select the appropriate staff for your study according to skill set, knowledge, and compatibility with your target respondents.
  • Our Executive Interviewers are trained to tactfully get past “gatekeepers” and obtain survey results from C-level and Senior level executives (as well as other hard-to-reach targets).
  • Our specialized Medical/Pharmaceutical interviewers are well versed and knowledgeable on medical terminology, and are thoroughly briefed on the nuances and goals of your specific study. This enables them to establish a competent rapport with the target respondents, while gathering the appropriate data for your survey needs.
  • Our Business-to-Business and Consumer interviewers are trained and experienced in conducting a broad range of studies, such as brand name recognition, product and advertising awareness, political polling, customer satisfaction and tracking studies, to name just a few.