Internet Surveys

Internet Surveys

Internet interviewing offers clients the lowest cost, fastest data collection, less opportunity for human error, and more convenience for respondents.

I.C. International’s Internet Survey Team can program a powerful survey that combines complex logic capabilities with the speed, formatting and programming flexibility of the Internet. Utilizing leading-edge web interviewing technology, our web surveys offer full control over which way questions are presented and answered. Your surveys can include video images, still pictures, sound and animation, and more, to deliver a richer, more accurate and more complete data.

At I.C International, we embrace the complex studies that other firms avoid. We are experts in developing surveys that feature:

    • text and response piping & back referencing: previous question response and data from a sample file can be displayed
    • complex skip and choose logic: procedures ensure that respondents answer only those questions for which they are qualified answer
    • inclusions and exclusions: based on previous questions or sample, present a list that either includes or excludes variables
    • full rotation of elements within and among screens: rotate questions, attributes, variables, and grids; even grids within grids
    • multiple constant sum questions: multiple constant sums can be presented on a single screen
    • other complex logic capabilities:
      • Complex selection procedures
      • conjoint requiring complex algorithms
      • discrete choice

      Multiple-language surveys

      We support all browser supported languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, etc. Respondents can pick a language, suspend in that language, and resume in another language.

      The results are stored in the same response record to avoid duplicity; one password, one complete.

      Full quota control

      • dynamic quota control: examples include multi-nested quotas and ability to choose the least-selected item from a list and probe more on that item.
      • quota/sample-driven surveys: preexisting data (from your list/sample) may be combined with survey responses can be used to manage quotas.

      Participant experience capabilities

      • fully customizable look and feel: Your survey can reflect your brand image, your client’s brand, or no brand at all. Easily incorporate different looks for different clients or projects.
      • suspend & resume: Respondents can suspend a survey in progress “suspend” at any time or if they close their browser, they can be “auto-suspended”. These respondents can return to the web survey from where they last left off by returning to the link provided in their survey invitation.
      • backing-up through the survey: feature may be enabled or disabled.
      • status bar: Notify respondents of their progress while in a survey.

      Quality control and error checking

      • real-time error checking: Full screen control of error message text, required responses per question per screen, and types of acceptable variables on screen .
      • requiring responses: All questions can be customized to require or not require an answer.
      • error checking customizable by question / screen: Error messages can be turned on or off.
      • error message statements customized by question: Error messages are generated both by webSurvent and/or through logic checks. These error messages can be general error messages or customized based on logic or responses.
      • Random Data Generator™ : RDG generates “dummy” data and is used by testers to make sure that intended skip patterns are followed