Global Field Management

Global Field ManagementWhen your requirements call for expert data collection on an international scale, I.C. International is your ideal resource for both qualitative and quantitative studies. Having consulted on and conducted and research in 45 countries (and counting!) including in emerging markets, we offer a wealth of experience on the best methodology and correct respondents (titles can vary from country to country) to interview for your research project.  We are able to support both consumer and professional studies, in virtually every corner of the globe.

From a small study in a single country to a large study in multiple countries across different continents, and whether the methodology is face-to-face, via mail, CATI, online or a multimode approach, our network partners adhere to the same stringent guidelines for quality and professionalism that have made I.C. International a leader in all areas of data collection.

While all field management is handled internally at our U.S. headquarters, we rely on our international network of strategic research partners and their “local” expertise in each of their respective countries. This consultative “team” approach enables us to ensure the highest quality-control of your studies, while benefiting from our partners’ understanding of the language, social and business cultures and best practices unique to their country.

The result is accurate, reliable and actionable data for your clients that effectively expands their research portfolio, strengthens your competitive advantage in the global marketplace, and ultimately drives revenue.

We make the process simple to get started.  All we need is an English language questionnaire. From there, we can handle translations, back translation, coding and tabulations of the study, as well as final reporting.

We have experience conducting research in the following markets:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Emerging Markets throughout the world