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I.C. International’s focus group facility was rated “One of the World’s Best Facilities” by Impulse Survey, based on a survey of over 5,000 moderators and researchers world-wide and is the top rated focus facility for the Long Island market. Focus Groups

Focus Group Facility

Conveniently located less than 40 minutes from Manhattan, I.C. International draws focus group participants from one of the largest and most diverse populations in America—Long Island, New York.

If Long Island were a city it would be the fourth largest in the U.S. with a population of 2.9 million people. 917,000 Households.  Long Island is the number 1 retail marketplace in the United States.

No matter what your desired characteristics may be — income, education, affinity group, occupation, ethnicity, political persuasion, or any other — our large team of in-house recruitment professionals have the resources and screening expertise to quickly assemble excellent, qualified groups for your studies.

From recruitment to results, our focus is on making the entire process easy and effective for you, on both sides of the mirror.

With our over twenty five years of experience and a vast database we are able to handle all of our national recruiting needs.

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Our modern facility was built to include:

Focus Group Room

A flexible, “friendly” focus group room we can set up to handle any type of presentation your study requires, such as audio, video, computer monitors, printed materials, storyboards and product demonstrations.

Focus Group Room Floor Plan

Our Focus Group Room has 2 LCD Flat Panel TV’s with DVD / Blu-Ray Player, Laptop/PC and Cable TV Connection. The Viewing Room has a LCD Flat Panel TV so you can view what the respondents are seeing on their TV’s simultaneously.

Tiered Viewing Room

A comfortable, tiered viewing room overlooking a focus group room carefully arranged to give you (and up to 14 of your coworkers) a clear view of all participants.

Client Meeting Room

A client meeting lounge equipped with closed circuit TV, so whether you decide to hold a meeting before, after, or during your focus group sessions, you can still monitor all proceedings “live.”

Whether you require DVD’s, CDs, Digital Audio, transcripts or everything, we are able to provide whatever format meets your needs.