IC International has conducted B2B studies with companies ranging from $10 million to $2 Billion plus in sales.  We have successfully recruited and interviewed CFO’s, SVP’s of Finance, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, Department Managers and Supervisors. We have extensive experience conducting these studies for insurance, banking,  technology, medical and for the pharmaceutical industry. The scope of the studies includes AAU (Awareness, Attitude & Usage), Advertising Awareness, Customer Satisfaction and Corporate & Investment Banking Services. We have recruited/conducted interviews ranging from 10 – 35 minutes.

We recently completed a study for a financial client where we contacted companies to survey their satisfaction with the corporate and investment banking services they are using.  The questions encompassed the investment vehicles they were currently using, reception to new product offerings and overall satisfaction with their financial institutions.  The challenge presented by this study was gaining access to the respondents and negotiating the “gatekeepers” in place for the respondents.  We were able to meet our clients’ expectations by completing the survey on time and providing them with clean data.

We recently completed project for a financial client where we were contacting Tax Directors in companies that range in revenue from $100 Million – $500 Million, $500 Million – $1 Billion and $1 Billion+.  The purpose of the research was to collect data on how tax service providers are perceived in their marketplace.  The challenge presented by this study was contacting Tax Directors at the smaller revenue companies, since they have multiple responsibilities, where Tax Directors at larger firms are insulated from outside contact.  We consulted with our client and implemented these strategies to bring this study to a successful completion; worked with our client so we had the appropriate amount of sample per revenue segment, suggested offering a gratuity that could be sent to the respondents charity of choice, suggested using an advance letter that included a toll free number for the respondent s to call and schedule callback appointments.

We recently recruited C-Level executives within various pharmaceutical companies both in the US and UK, for IDI’s conducted by our client.  The purpose of the research was to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement placed within an industry periodical.

We are able to successfully complete B2B recruiting and interviewing studies because of our commitment to quality.  This includes having our call center located on Long Island, NY which enables us access a quality talent pool to hire, training all of our interviewers with MRA approved training. In addition, the long term tenure of our interviewers and having a Project Manager and Director of Operations working on your project from the beginning.

In addition, our internal process emphasizes quality through our QAP (Quality Assurance Program), so your project is completed correctly and on time.

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